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In the edge zone with economist Tomáš Sedláăek

Gloria introduced me into a new world. She has a clear vision on the relation between economics and art, and introduced me to the prominent economist Tomáš Sedláăek. He is an economist who put a new focus on the ethical dimensions of his science just as we [artists] are interested in putting a new dimension in art. Together with journalist Roman Chlupaty, we held an event in Vienna in which we investigated the possibilities of bridging the divide between the Arts and Economics. The alliance between our fields, we found out, can be more promising than the conventional ‘art is good as long as it serves the economy’ paradigm.

– Merlijn Twaalfhoven

Here is a short impression of the event in Vienna

Building Support for our idea

In spring 2015, Gloria and Tomáš were invited to speak at a public lecture “Towards a Sustainable Future” alongside economists, scientists and politicians such as Jeffrey Sachs and Johan Rockström. The following day she received a message from someone working at the United Nations: “… Our lifestyles have become consumption intensive and waste intensive. This requires a change in behaviour, the most difficult thing to accomplish since the poor cannot afford to change it and rich can afford not to change it. But there is hope, when we see scientists, policy makers, and artists like you joining hands we will get there. Once again, thanks for your campaign.”

Last May Merlijn, Gloria and Tomáš continued their investigation in Amsterdam during an exciting night full of music, food and revelatory  conversations:

In June 9th 2015 they visited the “policy headquarters of European Culture”, the Directorate General of the European Commission in Brussels, to share their insights and experiences with policy makers.

In the summer of 2015, Merlijn was invited to the Aspen Ideas Festival, to promote the role of the arts in the current chaos in the Middle East. Here are some impressions:

Speaking about global challenges with global leaders

In August 2015 Gloria and Merlijn joined the Alpbach Laxenburg Group. Leading minds from academia, governments, business, civil society, and the arts discussed how to support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, due to be adopted at the UN General Assembly in September 2015.

Can artists play a role in the Sustainability Revolution?

During the Alpbach ­ Laxenburg Group retreat ­discussing how artists could support the sustainability revolution with economist Jeffrey Sachs and special advisor to UN, Secretary General Ban Ki ­moon.

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