Why the Incubator is here

Why the Incubator is here

Inequality, ­ Climate change, ­ Migration, Terrorism are some of the major global challenges we currently face. Whether we like it or not, we live in complicated  times; consequently, a compelling time for artists. In the midst of this chaos there is  a window of opportunity – a second phase of enlightenment where the sciences and humanities cease their co ­existence and join forces ­in order to move towards  a sustainable future.

We have reached a point where excellence alone is no longer  enough; our problems are too complex and interconnected. The  additional challenge we face is figuring out how we can actually apply our  excellence  in order to create active impact. For example, scientists used to think that  their field  could solve a problem such as climate change. While scientists  have come up with possible  solutions, those solutions are not being implemented because there are a lot of other factors at stake  (economics, politics, etc.) and, consequently, we  are at a standstill.  The idea that these  solutions need an interdisciplinary approach is now becoming increasingly accepted.  In other words, the good news is that leading thinkers in the world – including scientists, policymakers, and academics – are waiting for us.

The Incubator challenge is to figure  out how artists can contribute their knowledge  and  tools. It’s up to our generation of artists to make it happen! That’s why the Citizen Artist Incubator is here.

It is time for artists to become aware of their potential to impact today’s world.

Merlijn Twaalfhoven

The challenge for the artist today: connector or specialist or both?

When you aspire to be a professional artist today, you need to be an amazing specialist. The demands of today’s art world are immense. There is a focus on excellence and competition on a global scale: ­you are expected to train, study and practice for years and years. On the other hand, you need to be an incredible generalist. You have to find your way across a multitude of skills, building networks of collaboration, exchange and entrepreneurship.

Many of us experience a big dilemma: should I focus on my work and deepen my artistic specialization, or should I develop a broad view on society, explore different ways to communicate and connect? You should not have to make that choice. The Citizen Artist Incubator is there to help you combine the two. We aspire to deepen your artistic specialization through a constructive connection with other artists, scientists and experts. By sharing your experience, skills and knowledge, you can broaden your impact without blurring your focus. You’ll find out how you can respond to current affairs, make sense of our changing world, convey key messages, leading by example etc. without compromising on your artistic vision. A Citizen Artist can depoliticize the political, emotionalize the analytic, move people and help communities to look at issues from new perspectives. There are endless ways to employ our craft and maximize impact. We are just at the beginning. More info on what citizen artists do differently HERE.

The Citizen Artist Incubator will facilitate unprecedented initiatives on the edge of artistic innovation and human need.

-Gloria Benedikt

That’s what happened to us. And we know we are not alone. We’ve struggled and experienced hard times searching for a new way to create art that makes a difference. We found new ways and effective tools to bridge the divide between arts and the rest of the world. We have a desire to share all this, grow and build a group of likeminded artists. Together with a number of experts, we’ve designed a program, intended to be a life transforming experience, a turning point in your career.

Artists spend years learning technique, but the point of art always is to transcend technique. That’s when we get to meaning. We transcend technique in order to seek out the truths in our world in a way that gives meaning and sustenance to individuals and communities ­ that’s Arts for Life’s Sake.

– Yo ­Yo Ma, Nancy Hanks Lecture 2013

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