What the Incubator offers

The Citizen Artist Incubator launches performing artists on new paths of their own making.

Artistic success is hard to achieve. To actively  impact society with your work  is even harder. It takes a seemingly impossible combination of specialised artistic skill, a bird’s eye view, personal vision, social awareness, creativity, adaptability, entrepreneurial spirit and a vast network to create new partnerships. CAI is the first mid-career program that is specifically  placed to offer exceptional artists these external skills and to promote an enhanced understanding of leadership and it’s importance in the path towards active innovation.

Join us for this one of a kind endeavor: a 4 week intensive program in Linz, Austria.

Our faculty is composed of leading academics, scientists, policy makers, and experts from the fields of systems analysis, change management, conflict resolution, fundraising and media. And of course there will be guidance and advice of entrepreneurial artists that found practical ways to connect their work to the needs of society. By the end of the program you will leave with a concrete arts project plan, ready for implementation. And you will become part of an international network of artists, scientists, academics and practical idealists that strive to trigger change.

We cover:

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