How to apply

Right now we are looking for 17 mid career performing artists (musicians, dancers, actors, composers, choreographers, theatre makes, playwrights etc.) of outstanding quality and originality who are passionate to make a larger impact through their work.

The Citizen Artist Incubator is not about changing your art. It’s not about selling your art. It’s about creating new and fresh connections between artistic imagination, scientific insights and the concrete needs of our society.

Together, we will embark on a journey and ask ourselves: How might we as artists play a role of active significance in today’s changing world?

During one month, we will engage with other stakeholders-such as scientists, philosophers, academics, business strategists and journalists-to confront ourselves with the large challenges of our time and a potential new role of the artist in this world. Together we will define new contexts for our artistic strengths. This unique program provides you with the space, time, knowhow and network to support you to make a turn from “creating” to “creativity for impact,” in other words: Arts for Life’s Sake.

Application Process

The application process has 2 stages:

  1. Submitting your application
  2. Phone Interview

1. Application

Places will be assigned on first come first serve basis so you are advised to apply before¬†1 February 2017.¬†Please submit your application by filling in the form below. You will hear within 2 weeks whether you’ve been selected to have a phone interview or not:


2. Phone Interview

Based on the applications we will select 30 candidates for phone interviews so we get to know you better in person.

Then we will notify you of our decision within 2 days.

First results of the selected artists will be announced on the website in February 2017.


Feel free to get in touch should you have any questions by sending an e-mail to: info[at]

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