A Syrian and an Austrian dancer embark on a journey in search for the meaning of dignity in 2015


Artistic Innovation:
First collaboration between a European and a Syrian dancer (who has had his training in ­and lives in ­Syria); background ballet / breakdance ­ common language modern dance
Project was created in response to the conflict in the middle east, during the creation process (December ­ September 2015) the refugee crisis unfolded
Interdisciplinary Research Process:
Research undertaken included philosophy, personal interviews in war region, exchange with academics, policy makers, and scientists
High­level decision makers from around the world at the European Forum Alpbach & live stream
Direct Impact:
Financial Support for artist in conflict region
Wider Impact:
Included in the political symposium as lecturers performing and speaking; platform to have a voice & influence policy making; significant media attention;
12,000 EUR (5 funding bodies)


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