In Search Of Europe

In Search Of Europe

8 countries, 17 cities, 30 days–One Citizen Artists’ Quest for the next generation of European creators and change-­makers


Artistic Innovation:
A Dialogic form of art–where Lucas De Man holds a series of talks with the current generation of creative thinkers and creators
The current changing nature of European society, with the economic crisis coupled with the refugee crisis, is changing the landscape of Europe and its identity. In his search for Europe’s generation of today, he asks who are these visionaries? How do they perceive our current era and society? How do they envision change? And what will they do about it?
Research Process:
His work involves speaking with creative professionals from the art world but also from journalism, politics and academia. This international art project is multifaceted in how it produced and performed and reflects the complexity and nuance he found through his reporting.
European society as a whole: social, creative thinkers and artists.
Direct Impact:
Through his conversations with various social and creative thinkers across Europe, De Man interviewed more than 20 creators from across Europe and turned these conversations into a theatrical­-lecture performance. His journey during the Summer of 2015 was documented by a film crew, and produced a documentary In Search of Europe, meeting Modern Visionaries.
Wider Impact:
His project, in its multifaceted nature (with interviews, a documentary film and theatrical performance) causes us to reflect up on Europe’s current state, its identity, and future. Who is the emerging generation of ‘visionaries’ who will ultimately shape our shared future.

The Story

“In Search of Europe, Discovering the Self” is the latest project from the Belgium artist Lucas de Man, in which he hopes to understand society now, to find out what he can do. He says, “it’s my time, my generation [that] has to make the decisions, to make society. Are we going to do that in Europe?” His project took place over 30 days in 8 countries and 17 cities across Europe, where he interviewed over 20 social and creative thinkers about the state of European society today, how they imagine change and what they are going to do about it. De Man and his team interviewed historians on the 16th century and the ‘visionaries’ who emerged from that time such as Niccolò Machiavelli and Nicolaas Copernicus. De Man also interviewed contemporary artists and creators who are actively seeking change through artistic and creative means.

The journey inspired a theatrical lecture­performance and documentary film based on his interviews and the themes that emerged from his month­long quest. In addition to these two outcomes, “WOLK” (“Cloud”), an installation piece was created as a lively theatrical tour through a large­scale art installation that ends on a rooftop in the city.

Further Information

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About Lucas de Man

Lucas De Man, most recently deemed “city artist” of ‘s­Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands, attended the Amsterdam School of the Arts and has since worked on many theater projects, shows, performances and installations. In all his projects De Man explores how to re­establish personal connection within public spaces where anonymity reigns supreme. Through his most recent endeavor, through many hours spent conversing with some of the most visionary actors of our time, De Man showcases a generation who holds a worldview that is as pragmatic as it is idealistic, where art and technology are being used in innovative ways to create communities and social movements in a shared desire to conserve our commons, our new democracy and a generation concerned not with making a better world, but rather “…creating a sense of community”
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