Call for Participants

We are currently in the process of reviewing the applications for CAI 2017. You can still read the Call for Participants for referencing purposes below.


The Citizen Artist Incubator prepares Europe’s most promising (performing) artists for their vital role in shaping our rapidly changing world. We are currently recruiting 17 artists who strive to make an impact on society for our next one-month camp in Austria.

The idea behind CAI?

Since the enlightenment artists fought for the autonomy of art, meaning to be independent to from commercial pressure and political repression. During the 20th century art became in many countries, especially in the western world, autonomous through public or private funding schemes. However, the autonomy came for the prize of social irrelevance. While art used to be an important and central part of society, it lost its influence, its relevance and its primary and secondary audience.

Where, when and how?

The programme is full-time for the duration of four weeks (2. to 29. July) in Linz (Austria) During the course, you will be offered lectures, seminars and workshops where the artists can both acquire new input and discuss it as well as work on their own projects and directly develop them further. There is, however, space to define and choose their own priorities in the programme.

The Programme

Part I: The first part of the programme is dedicated to discuss recent good examples of citizen artists’ works on a theoretical and practical level. The framework will be discussed from four different angles, social, legal, political and economic and the lectures and seminars are held by scientists and researchers from the respective fields. The aim is to discuss the parameters artists must consider when leaving the traditional habitat of cultural institutions and environments.
Part II: The second part focuses on project and process management and the realization of ideas. The aim is to provide you with methods of structuring your work and to use resources most effective and efficient as well as finding alliances, cooperation’s and the art of sharing. Integral to part II is, that you have either an idea for a future project or a project you are already working on and apply the methods from the lectures in workshops directly to your own current work.
Part III: At this stage of the course practical matters will be discussed and applied to your own respective projects. This includes financing, public relations, audience development and audience engagement. These issues are dealt with in the last part of the course since it is necessary to have a rather concrete idea of the process and the project to tackle this issues. Over the four weeks the issues become more and more concrete and closer to the individual projects and ideas.
Part IV: In the end of the programme there will be a two-day conference in the same venue to discuss and evaluate the concept of citizen art where international speakers will be invited.
What we offer

  • Travel costs up to a maximum of € 250.
  • Accommodation for the whole duration of the course.
  • A stipend in the amount of € 600 as per diems.


CAI will choose participants from the written applications for a short follow up interview in January and February 2017. First results will be announced at the latest in February 2017. Please find an application form on Applicants are advised to apply before 1 February 2017.
Contact: Applicants can get in touch with the CAI team by emailing to

Download the Call for Participants PDF file.

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